Friday, July 07, 2006

Much progress!

I worked on my Quaker Garden last night and have much progress to report. As I said yesterday, it really is quick to come together. I'm not sure how much I'll get done over the weekend but I know I'll do some stitching. But my goal is to complete the top vine and the letters under it. That way I'll be half way done! And can start The Village as soon as my silks arrive without any guilt. :-) But I really doubt my silks will come - as of yesterday some of the colors were still on backorder. No biggy really, I can work on my Linen and Lace and Secret Garden. And it would really be nice to tie up a couple more WIPs before I start a huge project.

I caught this really cute picture of Molly last night. I love the way she sits like a little person. She was patiently waiting for her dinner. Tomorrow is our monthly Pug Meetup - I organize this group and I have over 60 members! That is over 80 or so pugs. I should have a nice sized group show up at the park tomorrow, about 30+ I'm thinking. It will be so much fun.

Great diet day yesterday - all water and vitamins. Plus I stayed out of the pretzels until the appointed evening snack time!

And thanks to everyone who has made comments on my blog. I'm still learning the correct etiquette but it's make me feel more comfortable in leaving comments with others.

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Karoline said...

Great progress on Quaker Garden, it's looking lovely