Friday, July 28, 2006

I was smoking last night :-)

I stitched last night for a few hours while watching TV. I really got a lot done! It's helping the overall look, I think, to get more of the piece done. Once I get the main flower in, I'm sure it will look just fine. I'm tired of whining. :-)

Odds are I will come close to finishing Moon Garden over the weekend - it's supposed to be in the 90's both days so I'll be inside for the bulk of it. I'll also finish Linen & Lace - I just want to get that off my plate. I've only got an hour or so to go, so why not just do it?

If I have time, I'll prepare Sunflower Charms for stitching but most likely I won't. My frame for Bloomin Alphabet should also be in and I'd really like to get that done also. I'll have to go shopping and pick up a few supplies but I don't mind that at all. Maybe I'll bring a few other finishes and see if I can't find a stock frame or two that works for a couple. Then I can start my sampler wall!


Concetta said...

It looks wonderful, Margie!! You are so fast!

Cathy said...

Your needles were smoking for sure! Moon Garden looks great. Do share with us a picture of your sampler wall once you get it assembled!