Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My stash arrived :-)

It was a good mail day. The fibers I ordered came, the linen I ordered came, the Blackbird Design charts I ordered arrived and my special order linen for The Houses of Hawk Run Hollow from Drema arrived! I spent quite a long time just looking at everything. I've been so worried over which project to start next, Sunflower Charms or Moon Flower - well it was decided for me - I forgot to order one of the fibers for Sunflower Charms and it was the one I would have used first. So Moon Flower it is. As soon as I finish Linen and Lace that is....

Here is my progress on Linen and Lace - I just started the cream lace border. It should take me the rest of the week's train rides to complete. The variegated mauve I purchased worked out just great I think.

Still no NPI silks from SBB - still on backorder - it's been three weeks now with no end in sight. I guess I could order month one silks for the HoHRW but I kinda wanted to do the Village while everybody else was starting it. I'll check and see how much money I have - maybe I'll just order a different month from Drema to get started. And you know Murphy's Law, if I do that, I'm sure month one will show up!

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Cathy said...

Your Linen & Lace looks great!