Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Linen & Lace

I must be about 2/3 done on Linen and Lace from the Drawn Thread. I bet I'm done with the letters by the time I get home from work. Then comes the hard part - the lacey border in cream. I'm starting to have enough confidence to make changes where I see fit to - sometimes with the linen color or maybe a thread color. With this piece I changed the color of the lettering. It was designed in 1998 before there were a lot of variegated thread choices out there (I'm assuming). The alphabet uses three different shades of mauve to create the variegated look. Well in 2006 we have a lot more choices so I went to the needlepoint store and purchased a variegated mauve! So I don't have to change threads for the same look. I'm feeling pretty cleaver. :-) I also had to come up with my own numbers since I didn't want to date mine 1998! I still have to chart out the 2 but the rest (006) look ok.

Of course the big question is, when I get all my supplies for Moon Garden and Sunflower Charm in the mail (maybe today?), do I stop this and start one of those? Or do I finish this one before moving on. I think I should finish this one since I'll be at the boring place of the design. Goodness knows when I'd get back to it knowing I have nothing but tedium left.

AND WHEN IS MY SILK FOR VILLAGE OF HAWK RUN GOING TO SHOW UP!!! I made a huge mistake in ordering from SBB. They are so slow when they are in a backorder situation (my last backorder took over a month!) and Drema had them in stock. I thought I was doing the right thing is spreading my orders around to give my favorite stores a chance for some business. I won't make that mistake again when it's important. I only ordered month one's silks so maybe I'll order month three from Drema and work from right to left instead of left to right. At least I'll be able to get started.


Nicole said...

Your linen and lace is so pretty! I have always loved this design. That is a great idea to change the thread color to a variegated. If you don't mind me asking - what thread did you use?? SB&B does take a while to get orders, but I usually can't resist their sales. :) I also wanted to say I love your Secret Garden box - that's definitely on my to-do-next list!

Eclecticmk - Margie said...

Hi Nicole - I went with Weeks Dye Works Mauve (2281). It works great and it's so much easier not to have to change threads! :-) I love SBB also - their sales are great - I'll just use them in the future when I'm not in a hurry.