Wednesday, July 26, 2006

No update today

As predicted yesterday, I didn't have time to stitch. But I had a great time seeing the Beach Boys! :-) And I have a bit of a headache today. A little too much wine I fear. I did start to stitch a little on the train into the city, but just couldn't put in a stitch or two before I needed to nap. Hopefully on the way home, I'll be a little more productive.

I've been asked if I mind such a long commute (3 hours a day) and now that I'm used to it, I really don't. After all it brought be back to needlepoint and cross stitch after a 12 year absence. And I've finished so many lovely pieces lately so it's worth sitting on the train.

I did purchase a frame yesterday off eBay to fit my La-D-Da Bloomin Alphabet I finished last month. It's a sagey green color over white. It should work nice - and hopefully sorta match the sagey color of the flower in that piece. I have a kinda funny story about that piece. I used to always mark the center of my linen with a cross made from blue wash-out marker. Since I always washed my piece after finishing, it was never a problem. Well I'm new to over-dyed linens and over-dyed floss and I didn't think twice of marking this piece. When I didn't need the mark anymore, I simply squirted it with water and left it to dry over night. I know you know what's coming! The over-dyed sage floss bled all over! I was in such a panic but it did come out. Along with a lot of the cool over-dyed colors. :-) Live and learn. Now I don't wash my pieces when done, nor do I use blue wash out market anymore.

I need to start finishing my pieces all the way and not just the stitching. I'm planning a wall with my sampler finishes. I have two samplers that I framed more than 20 years ago - yikes! Very basic compared with what is available today but way back then there wasn't much out there. And I think my mother is going to offer up one that I completed in the same time period. I think I'll reframe that one though as I never really liked what I did to it.

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