Monday, July 10, 2006

Hot Weekend = much time for stitching

It was very hot over the weekend. Almost 90 on Sunday. I didn't do much at all except water the lawns and gardens and stitch. I did manage to start planning a new perennial garden and buy a few new plants for it. I've created so much work for myself! I stepped in way before I looked at the hours and additional money it will cost me. I might scale it back a bit this year and only do half of what I've currently set out to do.

Here is my progress on Quaker Garden. I'm over half way done! I ended up stitching quite a bit on Sunday afternoon and during the evening while I watched TV. It's really a darling piece. I'm thinking of Moon Garden or maybe the Sunflower Charms next. I have the chart for Moon Garden but nothing else. I'd need everything for the Sunflower Charms but Drema still has it on her website. I'll have to give her a call this week. It's the Loose Feather from last August so I really should get it while I still can.

The boss is in the office all week, back from his travels. And I have much to catch up on because I goofed off so much my three days at work last week. I hate it when I do that! :-) But I do it all the time so you'd think I'd be used to it by now. ;-)


KarenV said...

Margie, your Quaker Garden looks beautiful! I've done the other half and have just started on the section you've finished.

Concetta said...

It's looking wonderful!!

Leah said...

It looks great!