Friday, July 14, 2006

All finished!

I finished up my Quaker Garden yesterday at work during lunchtime. I don't stitch much at work, but I was so close I couldn't resist. I could not put this piece down! If I could have stitch all night I would have. LOL! Here it is:

I finally got a picture that shows the linen color and the cream threads! :-)

Many many thanks to Karen for organizing this SAL. I have had such a nice time watching all the progress and I look forward to seeing everyone's framed QGs. I've picked out my framing stock and hope to order it next week.

Of course I started working right away on Secret Garden - it's pretty small and I'm over half way done. I'm doing it on 30 ct R&R Light. Espresso with the recommended Turkey Red thread. I wish I would have gone with my first instinct and done it in blues/blacks. Maybe I'll have to stitch it again. :-) I won't have much time to stitching over the weekend - I've have plenty going on. Dinner with friends on Saturday and the Tom Jones concert on Sunday evening at a wonderful outdoor venue. It should be a blast.

But who knows?? I would really like to get my box finished before I start on Moon Garden or Sunflower Charms. Both are Blackbird Designs Loose feathers. I had to order everything but the Moon Garden chart so which ever design I have all the pieces to first, is the piece I'll do first. For both designs I'm going with the recommended threads and linen but I did buy a piece of Light Heather from Silkweaver Fabrics. I'm going to see if the threads for Moon Garden look ok in it. If they don't I'll go with the 18th Century Rook and save the Light Heather for a freebie pattern I picked up, heart alphabet.

Yesterday I also order five silks from Vicky Clayton for my new piece from Ink Circles, Cirque des Cercles. They are all variegated dark blues. Since I only have a couple of her threads, I have not idea what these colors are really like in person. So I ordered the five I liked the best and I'll see which one works best in person. Then I'll go ahead and order the rest. I'll need a ton of the one color I finally choose. I have a piece of 32 ct linen from Silkweaver Fabrics called Golden Harvest. I had started a Mirabilia piece but my heart is just not in it anymore. I only have about 20 stitches in it so I'll frog it and use it for Cirque des Cercles.

Now that I'm so passionate about samplers and the like, the Mirabilia designs really don't do much for me now. Oh I like the way they look but I have so many other designs that I love so much more and I only have so much time, I must start to be more selective. I actually started Deco Spirits a couple of months ago and I am about 1/3 of the way done with one of the squares but I put it down to work on a Drawn Thread piece and haven't looked at it since.


KarenV said...

Margie, your Quaker Garden looks beautiful! Congratulations :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the SAL - I haven't worked on mine for a couple of days but I'm hoping to remedy that tonight.

Lovely start on Secret Garden too - I think this one looks like a quick stitch. It looks really nice in the red - very cheerful!

Michelle said...

That's amazing that you finished so quickly! It is beautiful, and I love your start on Secret Garden too. I am debating starting that one next after QG. I just bought Moon Garden, so as soon as I have the threads for that one...I'll be stitching it too! Congrats on the finish!

Leah said...

Congratulations!! Your Quaker Garden is wonderful!

Leah said...
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Sharon said...

Congratulations on your finish! I really like your fabric choice. Secret Garden would be very pretty in blues/blacks.

Cathy said...

Your Quaker Garden is fabulous, congratulations on your finish. I'm about half way done right now.

You are off to a great start on Secret Garden - I will probably do this one next too.

Susimac said...

Your QG looks gorgeous, congrats on your finishing it so fast too.
Secret Garden looks lovely too.

Stephanie said...

Your QG turned out beatiful! Congrats on the finish.

Karoline said...

Your Quaker Garden is gorgeous, congratulations

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Margie, here's a belated comment to say your finish really is beautiful!