Friday, July 21, 2006

Not a whole lot of progress

Not much progress yesterday - I was so tired on the train home, that I took a nice little nap. :-) I didn't get in but a few stitches. And later in the evening I did the right thing and worked on my Linen and Lace border. No update picture - since I worked on the first row of x's and the 1/2 x's you can barely tell I made any progress. I'll work on it some more over the weekend and post a photo on Monday.

Yesterday I received in the mail my four Vicky Clayton silks. I need to pick out a color for my Cirque des Cercles (it's a one color design) and I had planned on using one of Vicky's silks - but it's so hard to pick out colors online. All of the four colors I purchased are way to bright and one wasn't even variegated. In contrast with the two Watercolor silks from Caron that I purchased last weekend, they looked garish. I much prefer the Watercolors I picked out. I'm not sure if I'll look for more VC silks - on a positive note, they are so much more affordable than the $5.35 my LNS charges for each Watercolor but how much money and time will I spend looking for the right shade of VC silks?

I wonder how other people select a color for a one color design. Especially when it's a large design. You are going to be working on that piece for a long time and you've got to get it right from the start. I was thinking of maybe taking the two Watercolor silk I purchased and really like and doing a small one color design and seeing how I liked it. Then make any adjustments needed. That way I won't waste my time starting something that won't work for me in the end. I've got two really cute freebies from Heart to Hand that would work as trial pieces. Maybe I'll give that a go.

I sent in my entry form for my first agility trial with Molly today. I registered her in the 8" regular standard class and the 8" regular Jumpers with Weaves. We are really going to do this thing! Yikes! And I'm not even sure we will be jumping at the 8" level. I'm sure she is right around the height cutoff of 11". We might have to jump the 12" height. That would really tired her out since we usually only practice at 8. Well I can't worry about it now.

Big doings this weekend with my Pug Meetup Group. It's our First Annual Pugnic. It should be fun.

This weekend I also need to look for a book on blogging. I want my blog to look a little nicer and I want to add links to my favorite stitching and pug places as well as other blogs I read. I'd love to find someone who can make me a custom look. I did a search yesterday but haven't followed up yet.

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Concetta said...

Moon Garden is looking so good. :-) I really want to start this now too after seeing yours!!