Thursday, July 20, 2006

Moon Garden Start

OK - I know what you are saying, Margie was going to finish Linen and Lace before starting Moon Garden. Well that was the plan. But yesterday on the train ride home from work, I miscounted and have a ton of stitches to frog. And I really wasn't up to frogging on the train this morning. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! :-0

A good start I think - my willow thread is very yellow compared with the photo on the cover. It's very pretty but not quite what it should be. I'm going to carry on however. I'm sure it will still look nice when complete. I love the linen from R&R used for this piece. 18th Century Rook. I want to look for more in a smaller weave. I really don't like working on 28 count. I much perfect the 30 and 32 counts. This one already feels like a quick stitch.

Tuesday night was agility with Molly and she was a rock star. We only started this past January so we are still fairly new. On Tuesday, I really felt like she was starting to get it. She now can use all the obstacles. The last stopping point was the shoot and she ran right threw it during the warm up like she had been doing it all along. Of course for the rest of the night, every time she spied it, she took off for it! :-) Silly pug. Now we are working on getting the weave poles at the full up position and we are there! And we did most of the course off leash. To me that has been the biggest hurdle. Getting to stay with me through the entire course.

We only have seven more classes before Nationals on September 13th. That will be our first agility trial. I'm already nervous.

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