Friday, April 06, 2007

Their Song Finis

Blackbird Designs
Their Song - Loose Feathers #24
32 count Lambswool Linen
Recommended Weeks Dye Works Floss

Here is my completed Their Song - love the colors and how quickly it stitched up. I think I will frame this one. Last night I started back on The Village of Hawk Run Hollow, I'm now on Block 6 which is the Blacksmith block. I'd like to have this completed before I go on my business trip the week after next.

As my train project, I put Spring Fever from Cat's Whiskers in my bag. It's pretty cool because the instructions illustrate how to sequence overdyed threads. I had an idea on how to do it but I love having it spelled out for me. The silk floss from Dinky Dyes is so pretty, once again my photo doesn't even begin to do the colors justice.

Yesterday Jacque asked how long I'm on the train everyday to get to work. I average about three hours a day. :-) So even if I didn't stitch at night and on weekends, I still have a lot of stitching time each week. :-) No plans for the weekend - Easter is not a big deal at my house and it's still going to be below average outside so I won't be working in the garden. Hopefully I'll work on my quilt for a couple of hours.


Karoline said...

Their song is gorgeous Margie, congratulations

Carol said...

Congratulations! Your finish is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I am working on the 'village' also and am finding the large piece of fabric difficult to handle. What is that you are using on your?

piko said...

Oh,so lovely birds!! congratulations!:-D