Wednesday, April 11, 2007

and the winner is...

St. Reatham from Long Dog. I ordered the chart yesterday afternoon. I'm going to stitch it on Golden Promise from Silkweavers using a silk from Vikki Clayton called Mermaid Blue 2327. I'll need to buy two spools! Yikes. This piece has over 52,000 stitches! What am I thinking. :-) I think I'll go with the 36 count then I won't need to buy premium floss.

Here is my progress on My Quaker House. Not much of a change from yesterday since I fell asleep on the way home yesterday. I didn't realize how tired I was until I got on the train. :-) This piece is fast - I'm almost a third of the way done so I'm sure I'll be done before the end of the weekend. I have Friday off work. I was planning on going to the Rosemont Quilt Show which has hundreds of vendors but I think I'm going to skip it. I'm really not quilting all that much right now and I want to use the money I'd spend there for my cruise to Alaska in three weeks. And I just spent close to $100 getting St. Reatham ready to go. So I'll be good and pass this year. Of course I'm still taking off. Long weekend before I have to go out of town on business. :-)

I got an email this morning from Silkweavers letting me know that my Bluebird's Message from BBD that I stitched on Cameo won the drawing for the FOTM club. I get April free! That will help offset the cost of my huge hunk of Golden Promise that I ordered today. :-)


KarenV said...

The colours you chose for St. Reatham sound lovely! Just keep saying to yourself "one stitch at a time" LOL ;)

Congratulations on winning the FOTM drawing too :)

Thanks for your comment on Their Song - I'm planning to frame it, I think.

Vonna said...

Yay! I can't wait to see you start St.'s going to be glorious!

Katrina said...

Hi Margie, just catching up with your recent posts - oh my, you've been a busy stitcher. Congrats on the Their Song finish, and the biscornu is delightful :)

Carol said...

Congratulations Margie!!

Lavender Rose said...

Hi, Margie,
Katrina led me to your site and I have so enjoyed the visit. The colors on your St. Reatham sound just beautiful. I've really been delighted working with Vicki's silks. Can't wait to see what yours looks like when you get home from what sounds like a fabulous trip!!
Deb in FL