Wednesday, April 25, 2007

making progress

I finished up the main part of the Alyssum Scissor Pocket yesterday on the way home from work - did I ever want to finish it up last night! :-) But I put it aside to work on Marquior ABC. The progress photo is a mix of part 7 and part 8 - I'm working on both right now to make it go quicker. I plan on working on it again tonight and Friday night. Thursday is my St. Reatham start and over the weekend I'll finish up block 6 of the Village and work on my ornament of the month. Time is really moving - it feels like I just did last month's ornament. I should be able to complete all my April goals - plus one! I love it when that happens. I need to start thinking about May and what project I want to take on my cruise to Alaska. I'm thinking Quaker Sampler II and my Barnyard Wool Whimsy series as a backup in case I get bored with QSII.

I'm almost finished with the cross stitching part of the scissor pocket. I wish I could get a better photo of it. It's not on tan/beige linen at all but a very pretty light blue. Hopefully once it is done, I'll get a good photo.


Kimberly said...

Both are coming along fabulous. :)The only way I've found to defeat the color fairy that discolors all my pics is 1- a bright sunny day and no flash or 2- the scanner.

Simmy said...

Wow your emboidery is exquisite.