Tuesday, April 24, 2007

St. Reatham - all set to go

My linen for St. Reatham arrived last night and am I ever happy with my chosen combo of linen and silks. I think it will look great. I did go with 36 count linen and I'm glad that I did. I'll be able to use one strand of silk and I much prefer that look to using two strands of silk. I'm planning on starting on Thursday evening. I can't wait to put in that first stitch.

Here is my progress on Alyssum Scissor Pocket - over half way with the bigger section. This is coming together nicely. I did the right thing (for me anyway) and worked on Marquior last night - no progress photo though, I left my camera at work. Again. Not much stitching time tonight - agility with the pugs but what time I have will be dedicated to Marquior.


Anonymous said...

I love your colour combination for St. Reatham, I think it will look gorgeous!

Congratulations on finishing your BD Quaker, it's really pretty :)

Anonymous said...

You're making great progress on your scissor pocket, and what a beautiful colour!

Vonna said...

Oh...that is going to be a SPLENDID combo for St. Reatham :) I think that fabric is yummy!
The scissors pocket looks lovely too!