Wednesday, April 04, 2007

chilly day

Today's progress photo is slightly better than yesterdays thank goodness. This piece is stitching up super fast. And since I have no agility tonight now that Clancy has moved to Tuesday's, maybe I'll work on it tonight while watching season 3 of 24. :-)

Today I made travel plans to Princeton NJ for the week of April 16th. I have to attend a conference for work for most of the week. It will really cut my stitching for the week down since I won't have any train rides. I'll have to make sure I have a book on tape for the flight so I can stitch on the planes. I think I'll take of of my Cat's Whiskers with me. And a back up project just in case I have more time than I think I will. I also need to start thinking about what I want to bring on my cruise the first week in May. It's only four weeks away and I'm sure I'll have to purchased a few things. I'd love to start on one of the girls series from CHS - but I'm still waiting for my linen to arrive.

The pugs did great in agility last night. Clancy keep up with the dogs that have been in training for over a year with no problems. Not bad after only five months of classes. :-)


Meari said...

Your WIPS look great. Good job.

Carol said...

Wow, you are making your usual fast progress! Looks great!