Monday, April 23, 2007

My Quaker House finis

My Quaker House
Blackbird Designs
32 count Sandcastle linen from Silkweavers
Weeks Dye Works fiber

I was a bad girl yesterday and didn't put a stitch in Marquior yesterday. :-( I could tell I just didn't want to work on it because after I finished up My Quaker House I still had hours and hours of stitching time left in the day. I told myself the only thing I would allow myself to work on was Marquior so I didn't stitch at all. I just I told myself where to go! LOL! As you can see from the photo above, I did finish My Quaker House. I can't decide yet if I want to finish it using fabric into a bell pull type hanging or self finish the linen into a bell pull. I'll decide which is best next month because that will be my May FAL project.

For my train rides this week I pulled out my Alyssum Scissor Pocket from the Cat's Whiskers. I love the silk they chose for this piece - Coolibah. Such a bright tealy blue color - it will look great with my scissors just like they planned. This should go quickly - I hope to have my scissors living in it by the weekend. :-) Of course I'll have to make a matching bob - who could resist after all.
I'm way behind on my goals for the month right now. Being away last week really messed me up. I really had hopes of stitching at night but I was so tired from the class each night that I just went back to my hotel room and chilled. While I was away, I received my St. Reatham Long Dog chart and my Mermaid Blue silk from Vikki Clayton. I think I picked out the perfect blue. My fabric should arrive this week and I think I've settled on Thursday evenings as St. Reatham night. I'll see so how it goes and if it's hard to get into a rhythm on that evening, I'll look at a different night. I can't wait to get started on it. Eight pages of chart though! Yikes! I guess it's just one stitch at a time though.


Vonna said...

Everything is looking fabulous...and I can't wait to see that Mermaid BLUE!!!

Carol said...

Congratulations :-) said...

What a wonderful finish! Quaker House looks wonderful!!

Michelle said...

Congratulations on finishing Quaker House, it is gorgeous. I can't wait to see the Mermaid Blue too, I'm sure it will be lovely!

Libby said...

What a beautiful piece - I enjoyed watching it grow *s*