Sunday, April 22, 2007

home sweet home :-)

I'm so glad to be home! My conference ended on Thursday afternoon so I drove up to NYC for a taste of the big apple. I thought Chicago was loud and busy (I'm a country girl at heart). Yikes! What a city - I could never live there. My luggage never arrived in NJ and I had to pick it up at the airport on the way home on Friday evening. What a screw up that was - American is getting a letter for sure - my bag arrived on Tuesday and they never even tried to deliver it! I finally had to go shopping on Wednesday. Of course I hit a huge sale at Talbot's so I ended up quite happy.

I was way to busy during the week to do any stitching so I didn't get a chance to finish My Quaker House. But I don't have much to do and I'm sure I'll be finished after tomorrow's train rides to and from work. I need to get a move on with Marquior ABC and the Village - I'm getting way behind on both. I think in regards to Marquior I'm going to proceed with working on both part seven and eight at the same time to make sure I'm all lined up across the piece. I have a feeling I'm a bit off this time and I want to be able to get even before I start section 9 which is the start of the bottom half and next months section.


Vonna said...

Glad you had a great time :)
I'm sure NYC is a hustling, busy place...LOL! I can't stand it when we go to Indianapolis for the day because of all the whizzing traffic...I can't imagine the clogged streets of NYC!
Your WIP is looking fabulous!

Anita said...

What a great piece, I really like the way it turned out. I was in NYC in 1979, I remembered the smells of Chinatown, love the Macy shopping area and central part, that is all I can remember.

Katrina said...

Congrats on the finish, love your color changes!

Karoline said...

Congratulations on the finish, it's gorgeous

Anonymous said...

I wish your initial foray into (arguably)the worlds greatest city had been more affirming. I hope you'll give her another chance. ; )

Adana said...

Be sure to send American some receipts as well to see what they'll do about paying you for some of the things you obviously needed during your stay without luggage. They have really gotten to be the pits lately.
But your work on this piece is wonderbar Margie.