Monday, April 02, 2007

No ribbons but a great weekend!

Molly was a star on Sunday at the agility trial. We had our first finish! :-) We managed to cross the finish line for the time in 12 runs. It feels like we won first place. On Saturday she was ok and we met the goals I had set for us. Six obstacles and a good start on both runs. Check! The only sore spot and I mean sore was when I twisted my ankle over nothing at the first jump on Saturday - Molly just sat there looking at me and it was like she was saying, well this is new, Mom is on the ground! LOL! I was sore for the rest of the weekend. On Sunday on our first Jumps with Weaves course, Molly did 10 of the obstacles and we just missed the finish jump - Molly ran around it. But on our last run of the day, the standard course, Molly did the first seven obstacles only bailing on the teeter which I had a feeling that she would because it's a heavy teeter, meaning she has to go farther up the teeter to make it move on down on it's apex. She is not comfortable doing that yet so she jumped off. She also ran past the weave polls (we need to work on that a ton because she also ran past the weaves in both her jumper runs) and then I made a mistake and ran her past a jump rather than take it but in the end she did 11 or 12 obstacles including that last jump. :-) For pugs in agility it's all about baby steps and she sure took some huge steps this weekend. I'm so proud of her. It's worth noting that along with my Molly and my friend Peggy's Molly there were a total of seven pugs there! It was great to see so many pugs at one trial.

As for weekend stitching, like I predicted on Friday morning I didn't do much except finish off part six of Marquior Friday night while watching the end of season 2 of 24. I did start on part seven but I didn't take a progress picture of that yet.

Here is my progress on Their Song. Almost half way there. Just one biggish motif on the bottom left and I'll start the top half. Hopefully I'll be at that point by tomorrow. The rest will fly because the bulk of it is the wording, the five small birds and just a couple of berries with leaves. I'll be finished with this no problem by Friday.

I meet all my goals for March plus a couple of extras. I love months like that. I hope April goes the same.


Katrina said...

Glad you had a good weekend! I just love Their Song, I can't wait until I can start it :-).

Libby said...

Sounds like fun at the agility trials - hope your ankle is quickly on the mend.

Anonymous said...

Lovely progress on both WIPs! I'm the opposite way round to you on Their Song - I have all the top half done and am working my way across the bottom now. I hope to finish it this week too :)

Congratulations to Molly - hope your ankle is better soon.

Katrina said...

sounds like a great weekend - hope your ankle is ok. I love the green in Their Song :)

BeckySC said...

Lovely progress on both :) WOW!