Thursday, April 26, 2007

A monthly finis

I'm calling part 7 of Marquior ABC finis. There is still a tiny bit of the letter "I" to complete but since I did so much from part 8 I'm thinking it's a wash. And I need to move on to get totally caught up with my goals for the month. Yesterday when I was saying that I should meet all my goals I totally forgot about My Treasured Workstation. I still have the last section to complete. The finishing is scheduled for the third weekend in May but I really want to complete all the stitching on time which is by Monday. And it really is a small section. I should be able to do it this weekend or on Monday's train ride to work.

I'm all done with the stitching on Alyssium Scissor Pocket. Now onto the finishing. I'm working from home today and tomorrow and while I love to be at home and not have to go through my long commute I'll lose five hours of stitching time because I never get up early when I'm home just to stitch! So I probably won't have this finished into the pocket by the end of the weekend. Oh well! Things happen.

Today is the start of St. Reatham. The goal is to stitch three hours on every Thursday. We shall see how it goes.


Robin said...

I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a few months and finally wanted to say hello! You have to be one of the most prolific stitchers around! I am amazed at how much you accomplish and your work is so beautiful. You set goals -you finish them!
I also hope to own a pug one day. They are the sweetest little dogs. I know a petsitter that is crazy about her pugs, drives a VW bug and has it decorated like a pug. She has ears on the side and a curly tail sticking out of the back. It is quite a sight-very cute! Her petsitting business is called "Luv-a-pug" petsitting. Anyway love your sitching and your babies.

BeckySC said...

Marquior looks fantastic!
I look forward to seeing your scissor pocket finish :) I have it in my stash and can't wait to stitch it :)

Vonna said...

All I'm going to say today Margie is ~ "YOU ARE THE WOMAN!" heavens! It's all beautiful!

Carol said...

Looking forward to your St Reatham start - mine is still a ways off, so will enjoy through you!

Michelle said...

Your Marquoir looks amazing - congrats on meeting your monthly goal.

The Silver Thistle said...

Looking forward to seeing St Reatham. I can't make my mind up between it, Paradigm Lost and Renassaince (sp?). They're all so fab......I'll maybe have to do all of them, lol.

GReat progress pics! I've got the scissor pocket kitted up here, winking at me to start it, but I'm trying to be strong and finish some other projects first. Look forward to seeing yours finished.