Friday, April 27, 2007

A finis and a start :-)

Alyssum Scissor Pocket
The Cat's Whiskers Design Studio
32 count Little Boy Blue Belfast linen
Dinky Dyes Thread - Coolibah

I could not decide on which photo to lead with, my completed Alyssum Scissor Pocket or my St. Reatham start. :-) I'll go with the scissor pocket - there will be plenty of time to watch St. Reatham grow.

Here is my St. Reatham start. I completed a dog and a tail! I love the silk I picked out. I'm so excited to start this piece. It will be hard to only work on it once a week but maybe that is what keeps it fresh? Next week I won't have much time because I'll be getting ready for my vacation and the following Thursday I'll be on said vacation and currently I don't plan on bringing it along. Unless I have room in my luggage of course. ;-)

Yesterday was also a good mail day. My Lakeside Linen fabrics arrived from Needlecraft Corner. Now I'm almost ready to start the Girl Series from Carriage House Samplings (just need the silks). And Quaker Study is all ready to go. Now do I bring Quaker Sampler II from With My Needle or Quaker Study on vacation?

Also my My Picture This Plus fabric arrived for my Cirque des Cercles. I'm not sure what to make of it. The swatch of Phantom I saw at my LNS was so much darker, which is what I wanted and the swatch online was also very much darker than what I received. But how many more times should I try to find what I'm looking for? Or do I try to re-die this piece to the dark shade I want? Or do I just try and give it a go and see how it looks after I start? I thinking I should have waited until I found a piece in person - then I would get what I wanted for sure but I so seldom go to places where the linen is sold I could be waiting forever.

Here is my scissor pocket when it is open with the scissors. I still need to make a bob.

Here is the back.

Thanks for all the comments I have received recently! And a few new people stopped by - thanks for that also. :-) I haven't had much time to check out other peoples blogs lately but I plan to catch up while I'm on vacation.


Katrina said...

Love your finish. If you aren't happy with the linen contact PTP and ask if they can replace it with something closer to the color you want. I wouldn't buy another piece I'd try to get them to change it. I am sure they want you to be thrilled with your linen. I will say I think the piece is very pretty and the white looks nice on it.

Nicole said...

Your scissor pocket turned out so pretty! Great finishing job! :)

BeckySC said...

Congratulations, your scissor pocket looks fabulous :) LOVE IT!! NEED to stitch mine now :)
Have a lovely weekend!

Vonna said...

Your scissors pocket looks great!
And I love St. Reatham .... you did a fabulous job picking out the fabric/'s going to be GORGEOUS!
Now personally I think the Cirque de Circles will be fabulous with what you've shown...I really like that fabric and your fiber is perfect compliment :)

Michelle said...

Congrats on finishing your beautiful scissor pocket! I love your start on St. Reatham - what fabric are you using? I have the same problem with fabrics, my LNS doesn't carry very many and it is so hard to tell online what something will look like in person. I LOVE the color you got though!

Kimberly said...

The scissor case looks great! Congrats on a beautiful finish :)

Anonymous said...

A wonderful finish! And you're spoiling us with a new start... It's fun watching your pieces progress!

Carol said...

The scissor pocket is so sweet! Nice finish!

Annemarie said...

Margie, I love your finish, and your new start. I can't wait to see it grow!

Carol said...

Congratulations on your finish!!

Karoline said...

Your scissor pocket is gorgeous, congratulations

Cathy said...

You continue to amaze me with all the stitching you do! Great job on the scissors pocket!

monique said...

It can be hard to purchase hand dyed fabrics online, that's for sure. I think I'd go ahead and try a bit with your thread just to see how it looks... it may surprise you :)

Beautiful scissors pocket finish!