Monday, January 01, 2007

My first ornie of the year and a quilt top too!

After many many months of no quilting, I managed to put together a top over Saturday and Sunday. It's called Evening Harvest by Kelly Corbridge and it's make up from fabric from Cherrywood Fabrics. It's a line of just beautiful hand-dyed suedes cottons. The feel of them is incredible. I picked this kit up last April at the Spring Quilt Show in Rosement Illinois. I'm planning on machine quilting it myself after I practice a bit.

I also completed my first ornament for the ornament SAL I'm participating in. It's called Topiary Ornament III from Hillside Samplings using the recommended linen and fibers. I also have Topiary IV and I'm looking for I and II if anyone knows where I can find them.

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Michelle said...

Love the topiary ornament! Your quilt top is gorgeous. That really finished up fast. Congrats!!