Monday, January 08, 2007

Productive weekend and a sad flower

I found this tiny flower starting to bloom around my pond yesterday. We've been having a warmer than average January and this poor Snowdrop is confused - and now cold! It's under 30 degrees currently. Back to normal.

On Friday evening I did work on Blackwork Fantasy Garden but I didn't get the first green knot completed. I did however start on some of the blackwork. It's really going to be pretty when everything is filled in. I'm putting this down until I finish my new train project this week. A break will be good.

Here is the quilt top I made for my pug's dog bed. The fabric is from the Buttercream and Figs line from Fig Tree Quilts. The two blocks I used are a simple nine patch and a nine patch variation. I'm a little disappointed in the fabric line I picked out. It's much more yellow than I wanted and actually I'm wondering what in the world I was thinking when I purchased it. I actually thought I had picked out a Blackbird Designs fabric line but when I pulled out the package this is what was in there. I'm still waiting for my wool batting to arrive - next weekend I will draft the quilting patterns on the top and bottom. I don't think I will get to any quilting though.

On Saturday and Sunday evening, I worked on Marquior ABC. I'm going to add a little more red to part 4 and that means to match it with part 1 I have to go back and frog a little. I figure around 200 stitched need to come out of part one. But it will be worth it I think to have a bit more red thru out my piece. I've seen some with extra color and I like it.

And lastly, my train project for the week, Moonlit Garden Loose Feathers #22 from Blackbird Designs. I'm not going to do the words at the bottom but add a bottom border of more stars. I can't stand that saying.... To each his own! The change was good - I didn't get the least bit sleepy this morning stitching.


Anonymous said...

DH went for a walk over Christmas and already buds were appearing on trees and bushes - far too early!

Love your BFG, the colours are really pretty. I had the same idea as you for Moonlit Garden, as I don't like the saying either. Great minds, and all that ;)

Michelle said...

Great projects - they all look so pretty. Beautiful! Poor snowdrop - a little too early!

Cindy said...

Love the stitching, all of it is looking fantastic!!!!

Leah said...

Wow, your pug has nicer bedding than me. ;)

mercy said...

I love the doggie bedding! I wish I had an eye for color when I pick out the colors for some of the quilts I plan in my head. The stitching is great too!