Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A tisket, a tasket... It's a basket HD

I worked on Moonlit Garden Friday night completing the moon. I really love this piece and have decided for sure to make it into a pillow. The plan was go ahead and finish it some time over the long weekend.

Well.... On Saturday I just didn't feel like working on any of my WIPs including Moonlit Garden so I went through my stash and looked for something that would only take a day to stitch. And I came up with a Lori Birmingham basket I had purchased at Hobby Lobby several weeks ago. Since my Hobby Lobby for the most part, getting rid of their cross stitch section, I picked this up for less than $15.00 for the entire kit including the basket . So this is what I did on Saturday. I think it turned out cute. I even lined the basket. :-) I might go back to Hobby Lobby and pick up one more - this would be a cute shower gift.

On Sunday and Monday I worked on Marquior ABC part 4 and finished it! Yeah! And on time - my goal was to have it finished by the 15th. The new part comes out today. I'm 25% done with this piece! I only have a year to go (yikes). I really love how the red turned out. I will start to remove the blue in part 1 when I have time.

I also managed to get the backside of my pug quilt marked for quilting. I'm going to do a simple grid pattern. I wanted to mark the top also but of my four blue marking pens, only one worked and I needed all the ink for the back. bummer

For my train ride this week, I plan on finishing up Moonlit Garden - I have twenty stars to go and then I plan on getting back to Judy Odell My Workstation project. I need to get part 3 finished before the end of the month.


Anonymous said...

Your little basket is so sweet Margie! I love the Rhodes butterflies, such a pretty colour.

Your other two WIPs are looking great too - you're really tempting me with Moonlit Garden. Have you seen the new one yet?

Carol said...

Your basket is really lovely. Nantucket Baskets are the best! I love your WIPS, they are progressing so well!

Karoline said...

Your basket is gorgeous, congratulations. Your other wips are looking lovely as well

Cindy said...

I love the basket!! It is just precious!! Moonlit Gardne is looking amazing!!!!

Leah said...

Your basket looks fabulous, and your ABC Marquoir looks wonderful!!

Cathy said...

What a great find at Hobby Lobby. Congrats on the finish - gotta love those one day projects!

Chelle said...

The basket project is beautiful! For that price, you really should pick up another one. The basket alone is worth the price.

Your ABC Marquoir is fantastic. I love the two-color look. Very nice!

Joanie said...

Wow...adorable basket and what a bargain!!! I wish we had a Hobby Lobby...but it's sad that they are getting reid of their cross stitch.
Love Moon Garden too!