Tuesday, January 30, 2007

progress :-)

I made a ton of progress on My Treasured Workstation yesterday - just the border and the wording and I'm finished with part 3. I should be able to rap it up but tomorrow evening. I took seven photos this morning and only one was even half way visible. I'll take a better one tomorrow for sure! Part 4 will be available by Thursday and it should be a couple of smaller sized pieces. In total it will be six monthly releases with nine pieces to stitch. I'm really looking forward to the finishing. That is why I signed up. I hope to learn some new things and improve on what I know so far. And I don't know much! LOL!

I don't know what to start next - of course I do need to finish Bluebird's Message but that will be just a couple of train rides once I get the thread. I want to start on the Drawn Thread piece Sampler of Stitches but I think the correct thing to do would be something from my 10 projects lists (which still contains 16 items!). Somehow it's not getting any smaller. :-) And I already have two things on order from Drema that are being released at Nashville. Maybe I'll play around with my stuff tomorrow night after Clancy's agility class. I always get home around 7:30 so I'll have plenty of time.

Tonight is agility with Molly. I entered in a trial for the weekend of February 24th. They expected so many applications for the trial that they are having a draw to fill the positions. I hope we get it - the draw is today or tomorrow. Many people from Molly's class have entered as well as my teacher. It would be fun if most of us can get in.


Carol said...

What a pretty project that is! Who is the designer? I am anxious to see what you will pick up to do next! Good luck tonight with Molly!

Cathy said...

Hi Margie - I'm behind in my blog reading - wow, your needles have been smoking lately! All of your projects - both finished and WIPs - are looking good!