Thursday, January 04, 2007

one down

One knot down and three green ones to go! Yeah! I finished up the brown knot this morning on the way to work and started on the first of three green knots. I LOVE the color inside the green knots. It's called seaweed by Carrie's Threads. It's incredible. It goes from an army green to teal to light purple. Love it! I tried to take a close up picture of it because my skein has less army green in it than the sample does. But I could not get a good clear picture. Maybe tomorrow.

I think I might use this color in one of my upcoming projects, Celtic Birds by the Sunflower Seed. I had been planning on using the Gator Green from my Blackwork Fantasy but I really like this seaweed color more. I'll have to do a test and see if it works. I didn't want my Celtic Bird to be to splotchy if you know what I mean but this skein I have of the Gator Green just might work out great.


Cindy said...

I love those colors! That seaweed is just lovely!! Congrat on having one knot down!

Anita said...

You are making good progress. I love carrie's thread. You have
some very inspiring quilt pieces and stitching pieces on the blog.

happy new year to you as well.