Friday, January 05, 2007


For someone who only worked three partial days this week, I sure am glad it's Friday. :-) I think I'm getting a touch of a cold because I sure am tired. I didn't stitch a thing last night and slept most of the way home from work on the train. Oh and took a long nap once I got home. The pugs love nap time. Well so do I really....

I worked on Blackstone Fantasy Garden this morning but have to admit, I fell asleep again. In an effort to stay awake, I thought I would start on one of the blackwork sections and I planned on working from the inside out. The first one I tired was the center in Elk Snout (how about that for a name) but the movement of the train combined with the bad lighting and light colored thread I had a hard time seeing and counting what I was doing. So I went back to the cross stitches and promptly fell sleep. LOL! At least I don't drool!

No major plans for the weekend. I do have my monthly pug meetup tomorrow and then I plan on starting my dog bed quilt. I have a lovely selection of pastel prints and I'm doing a pretty simple pattern with a scrappy plan. I'm planning on quilting it in a circular feather pattern since the finished bed will be a 40 inch circle. I'm using wool batting and making a removable pillow insert with a stuffing of feathers and down. It will be reversible and I'm quilting that side also in a nice block pattern also with wool batting. I have a really pretty green and cream twill for that side. Only the best for the pugs. :-) For stitching, I'd like to do the center motif for Blackstone in the Elk Snout where I can see it and start working on part 4 of Marquior ABC. I'm way behind - it's a good thing part 4 is a less heavy stitched part or I'd have no chance of getting part 4 complete before part 5 comes out on the 16th.

I was super bad yesterday. I was just killing some time at work looking at the Needlecraft Corner website and I found one of the Barnyard Wool Whimsey's on sale - the chicken. I had to have it. I love these little guys. I plan on getting all four and stitching them together in the same piece of linen. It will be so cute in the kitchen. Anyway, since I was going through all the trouble to call Drema (who now knows my voice! that makes me laugh!) I thought I would pre-order the new Drawn Thread Sampler of Stitches, part one and part two along with the 18 x 20 inch piece of 30 count Custard Cream Dower Quality Legacy Linen so I can stitch all 9 pieces together (it will go 3 charts by 3 charts on the linen). I didn't order the NPI silk - I'm hoping Vikki Clayton will have a conversion. I almost purchased Toccata Number Three but I have to get real here. I need to get some other things finished first.

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Cindy said...

I am sorry that you are not feeling very well and I hope that you get over it soon! You are making wonderful progress on your piece, it is looking just fantastic!