Wednesday, January 03, 2007

back to the garden

I'm working on Blackwork Fantasy Garden again. I'll try to do it for the rest of my train rides this week. Next week I think I'll pick something up from my 10 challenge list (which has 16 items on it LOL!). I need to break up the boredom a bit. Or maybe I'll start on a couple of the blackwork portions on the Garden. That would certainly be different. :-) I listed my new goals for January - they are quite modest again this month.

Back to work for real this week - bummer. At least I have a ton to do so the remainder of the week should fly by. Clancy is back to agility tonight after his week off. Molly next week - she had a two week break. I needed a break also. It's a drag driving out there twice a week. I can't wait until they are in the same class.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments you have made to my blog over the holidays. Happy New Year all!

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Cindy said...

Oh it is coming along nicely. Sometimes taking a break from something really helps!