Friday, December 08, 2006

two down and two to go

I finished up the second knot (the first green) last night and worked a bit on the train this morning - half way with the outlines! Yeah! I think I'll switch off this weekend between Marquior ABC and Blackstone Fantasy. I really just want these knot outlines done. I did find a couple of small counting errors last night - I was just off a stitch in two different places. Thank goodness they were both easy fixes. I don't know what I'll do if I find a huge one. Actually I think I know what would happen - this piece would sit for a while in my to do pile! :-) Not a very nice fate for such a pretty piece. I love Celtic designs and this is the first in my stash that I'm attempting. I do hope it is the first of many.

I have no plans for the weekend - it's going to get warmer starting today and getting even up to the low 40's by tomorrow. A good thing - I could use a good thawing out. I might help decorate the Christmas tree. Or not. It's not really one of those things that I enjoy doing. In fact, I have not pulled out a single decoration despite the fact that I have at least 10 huge plastic totes full of stuff. I just haven't really felt motivated enough. Maybe this weekend I'll try to make a start.

Have a great weekend!

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Karen said...

You're making great progress Margie - it's going to look lovely when it's done!