Wednesday, December 27, 2006

back to work

Well, I'm back to work today - and boy am I ever crabby! LOL! At least I can laugh at myself....

I didn't get much stitching of the sort that I wanted to do over my short break. I did finish Delivering Winter but I had planned on also finishing block 8 of the Village. All I managed was around five hours on the Village. And I also finished part 2 of My Treasures Workstation. I have photos of both but I forgot to put the cord I need to transfer the photos onto my pc in my bag this morning. Such a dunce. :-) I'll remember tomorrow for sure.

I'm back to Blackstone Fantasy Garden as my train project. I started to fill in the brown knot. You'll just have to take my word for how pretty the colors are. My original goal for the month had been to finish up this piece but the holidays sure did get in the way. I'm nowhere near finished. January for sure. Those photos are of course trapped also.

I took some time yesterday to go through my stash to pick out items for the 10/25/50 challenge I want to start in January - I planned on the 10 challenge. I believe I said I had somewhere around five or maybe six fully kitted kits and while I never gave an estimate of how many partially kitted projects and charts I had, I supposed it was around 15 or so. Well knock me over with a feather. I have twelve fully kitted projects! Plus five WIPs! I have nine partially kitted projects and this is where it gets scarry, twenty-four charts that I have purchased just in the last 10 months. This doesn't even count the freebies I have picked up in the past year or the charts, kits and needlepoint projects I have purchased prior to my renewed interest in cross stitch (some dating back to the early 1990's - I didn't even go through those). And my wish list grows daily. :-) I am honestly shocked! So for now the plan is to start plugging away at my fully kitted projects. Not sure what I'll start with but all of them still interest me - even my poor Herb Gatherer I purchased back in 1991.

Village of Hawk Run Hallow – Carriage House Samplings – 12 month project - currently slatted for evenings;
Blackstone Fantasy Garden – Ink Circles Designs - current train project;
Marquior ABC – 16 month project - weekends;
My Workstation – Judy Odell – six month project - need a break project;
Deco Spirits – Mirabilia (UFO) - will remain UFO at present time;

Fully Kitted
Quaker Samplers I & II – With My Needle
Moonlit Garden – Blackbird Designs
Autumn Silhouette - Blackbird Designs
Tin Pin Carrot – Twisted Threads
Spring Garden – The Drawn Thread
Celtic Heart – M Designs
Letter M – M Designs
Cirque des Cercles – Ink Circles
Celtic Bird - The Sunflower Seed
The Joy of My Heart Flat-fold – Lorri Birmingham Designs
The Herb Gatherer – Shepherd’s Bush

Ornaments Kits
Topiary III – Hillside Samplings
Topiary Ornament IV – Hillside Samplings

Partially Kitted
Summer Arbor – The Drawn Thread, fiber and beads
Flower Samplers Book I – Hillside Samplings – fibers
Autumn Bouquet – Blackbird Designs – fibers
Houses of Hawk Run Hollow – Carriage House Samplings, linen
Spring in my Garden – Mirabilia - linen, most of required fibers
Summer in my Garden – Mirabilia - linen, some fibers
Fall in my Garden – Mirabilia - linen, some fibers
Winter in my Garden – Mirabilia – linen, some fibers
Nova – Ginny Morrow - all required fibers

Charts only
Two Blue Houses – Little House Needleworks
My Treasures Sewing Case – With My Needle
Quaker Pattern Book – With My Needle
Stargazer Sampler – La Broderie
Boo! Scissors Keeper & Purse– The Drawn Thread
Miss Mary Mack – La D Da
Rose Mosaic Needleroll – M Designs
Evergreen – Blackbird Designs
Summer House – Blackbird Designs
Strawberry Garden – Blackbird Designs
With My Needle – Blackbird Designs
Quaker à 6 Mains – A Mon Ami Pierre
Fairy Moon - Mirabilia
Wee Beasties Part 2 – Terrence Nolan
Wee Beasties Part 3 – Terrence Nolan
Wee Beasties Part 5 – Terrence Nolan
Bee Collection – Terrence Nolan
The Shepardess – Plain & Fancy Collection
AY’s Necessities – Historic Stitches
Elizabeth Haxton 1866 Sampler – The Marking Samplar
North Star Sampler – The Sweetheart Tree
Cranberry Sampler – The Sweetheart Tree
Sentimental Heart – The Sweetheart Tree
Garden Dreams – Lesa Steele Designs
Numerous Shepherd’s Bush
Numerous Miscellaneous Cross Stitch charts dating back to the 1990's
Numerous needlepoint projects, many ready to go

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