Tuesday, December 12, 2006

outline almost there!

Am I ever excited - I'm almost finished with the outlining! Yeah for me! I might work on it a bit a lunch time for complete the first half of the last green outline. Then I can start fresh on the second part on the train home. Once I've finished the outlining, I need to drop this piece for a bit to get some work done on my other WIPs and my Christmas Reindeer piece for my family gift exchange. I ordered the fibers on Friday so I should have them by the end of the week.

I won't have much time to work on it tonight or tomorrow night - it's agility with the pugs! I sure wish they were on the same night. But I do have my fingers crossed that when Clancy catches up to Molly, we will be able to move into the same class. Then I would only have to drive out once a week. Of course that would not happen until the summer but it is something to look forward to.

My sister and her husband, purchased a cruise vacation to Alaska for this coming May for my parents and myself (and them of course). We will be leaving on May 5 for seven days on the Oosterdam with Holland America Cruise Lines. This will be my second cruise to Alaska. It's a very cool cruise and I'm looking forward to it. They purchased us an outside cabin with a window. I was very happy about that because I figured we would all have inside rooms. But the folks and I still need a little more room so I'm going to look into upgraded our cabin to a suite with a veranda. I sure hope my sister is ok with it but I did mention it briefly to them yesterday when they gave us the sailing details. The cabin they booked for us is 171 square feet and on my last cruise with my parents, we had 240 square feet and were tripping all over each other. I'm looking into a cabins with 389 and 510 square feet. I want the larger one of course but I'm not sure I'll bet my parents to pop for the extra cash.

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