Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Still doesn't look like much

Here is my progress on Blackstone Fantasy. It still doesn’t look like much! I didn’t realize until yesterday that the green portion is actually three knots and not one. It’s going very slow. But I’m sure by the third knot there won‘t be much counting left at all. These Carrie’s Threads are beautiful in color but boy do they ever bleed! I lick my thread to get it onto the needle and just that little bit of moisture and the dye is coming off on my fingers and my tongue! Yuck! I have a big green line on my tongue. LOL!

Last night I started work on Block 8 of the Village. I didn’t take a photo because all I have finished is the brown border. I’ll start on the guts tonight if I have time before I go to agility with Molly.

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Glenna said...

The pugs are so cute playing in the snow. (Snow! Aaack!) Your marquoir is looking great!