Thursday, December 14, 2006


I have a fairly set routine once I get to work in the morning. I settle quickly in and then I take a photo of my WIP's for my blog. Then I log in to blogger and update my blog for the day. And that is what I did this morning only to find upon logging into blogger that the company where I work has added blogger to the list of forbidden sites. :-( So no more updates on a daily basis. I'm so bummed and unhappy. I realize why they do things like this but it sure does suck. I just can't stand this big brother kind of stuff. I have so many problems with Internet access at home - I'm lucky I was able to log in to this evening. I have dial up and have no plans at all to upgrade to broadband. I just don’t have the cash. But at least I can see blogs, I just can't update mine.

I did finish up the outline of Blackstone Fantasy Garden yesterdy on the way home from work and I started back on Block 8 of the Village last night and this morning on Delivering Winter. The outline looks great – I want to find more Celtic type pieces to do next.


Emily said...

Hi Margie
I hope you still get to update!! I like seeing your stuff and reading your blog:-)

Cindy said...

Your stitching is looking fantastic!!!!!!