Monday, December 18, 2006

Marquior HD

Part three of Marquior ABC is finished! Yeah! And hardly behind my target. It was the only thing I worked on all weekend. I have downloaded part four and I hope to start it over new year's weekend. There is only N,O and P to go with the large alphabet. I ended up not having as much time to stitch as I thought I would. Nothing major happened, just holiday crap.

I was not able to bring Delivery Winter on the train with me this morning. The threads I ordered the week before last have not yet arrived. I've done everything I can with the colors I have. Yes, I could have done one or two more things, but all required large amounts of counting and I didn't want to mess up. I sure hope my fibers come today or tomorrow! I have to give it away on the 25th! I worked on my Judy Odell Workstation project on the train in today. I didn't take an update photo because all I could finish this morning was an outline - kinda boring to look at.
Here is my little tree with my two ornament collections. I really don't have enough of either one yet but next year I'll be able to add twelve more hand stitched ones (if I keep up with the ornament a month SAL I joined).

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Meari said...

Hi Margie - Your sampler is coming along nicely. I see you're from Gurnee. I'm just west of Rockford. :)