Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So close

I'm so close to having the outline of Blackstone Fantasy Garden finished I can taste it! :-) I'll be done before I get home from work on the train tonight. Yeah! You can see that I only have one corner to go. Then the filling in starts - good TV stitching.

Tomorrow I'll start on Delivering Winter from Homespun Elegance (if I get the fiber in the mail today that is). I did end up buying six overdyed skeins for this piece - those, combined with what I already have will work just fine. I received just this past Saturday, the perfect Silkweaver's 32 count linen as part of my fabric of the month club and when I purchased the chart, I did buy all the gold charms it calls for. I'm planning on making the finished piece into a hanging. I purchased a beautiful length of cream wool yarn to do the edges and hanger. I'm not going to want to give this piece up! I can tell already! LOL!

Molly did great in agility last night - she is really following my direction like a pro. My teacher and I did notice however, that she is starting to hesitate before taking jumps - she does kinda double step. She doesn't like jumping at the 12" height at all. The solution? She needs to lose a little more weight. Just a pound or two. Over the past year, she has gone from 20 pounds to around 17. She needs to be at 15 pounds. Poor baby, she is always on a diet. Kinda like me. :-)

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