Thursday, December 07, 2006

Moving right along

Now that I'm starting the second row of the first green knot, it's going quicker. No counting! :-) At the current rate of progress, I'll be working on the knot outlines for the rest of the month. I think I'll have to break it up at some point with a smaller quicker project.

I'm supposed to provide a gift for my family's grab bag which we do as a group on Christmas Day while we are all together. This year's theme is reindeers. I purchased a really cute chart from Homespun Elegance called Delivering Winter but I haven't purchased the recommended fibers yet because they are extreme at the least. Over 14 skeins of overdyed! And some of the colors are only used for less than 20 stitches! Come on now, does it really have to be like that? I need to take a look at it and make some choices. I'm not going to purchased a skein of $2.00 plus floss for less than twenty stitches. Why do designers do that? It burns my butt a little. It did come with DMC suggestions but they are all two strand blends and I do all my stitching these days with 1 strand so that won't work for me. I'll just do my best and only order half of half of what I need. But in any case, this will be a good project to break up the tedium of Blackwork Fantasy.

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Cindy said...

Progress is coming along great. I just love the chart that you got for your family grab bag gift and I can not wait to see it stitched!!