Monday, September 04, 2006

Lazy days at the beach

All is well in the Outer Banks in North Carolina. The drive out was fairly uneventful. We did get a fair share of rain on Friday afternoon starting after lunchtime and keeping up until we stopped for the evening in West Virginia. But when we got up Saturday morning, the sun was shining and it was beautiful outside. We arrived in Duck, NC around 2:30pm. Our favorite first meal in OBX (Outer Banks) is a pulled pork sandwich at Pig Man Barbeque. But they were closed until 3:00pm. :-( So we drove up the road a bit to the check-in office for our rental for the week. This is where things got a bit mixed up. According the to office staff at the rental agency, Chris and Lisa’s rental insurance kicked in and they should have received a phone call before Friday telling us not to come. There had been several really bad storms the week before and on Thursday and Friday the remnants of the hurricane came through further flooding the area further. While the house they rented was fine, there was no way to drive to it. But since we had driven all the way from Northern Illinois, they did find us a last minute replacement. So we are staying in town for the first time in the town of Oceansands. Usually the house we rent is in the off-road portion of OBX. The house isn’t has nice was the one Chris picked out for this year – it’s a little smaller and there is no hot tub and some of the niceties we have come to expect like TV’s and VCRs in every room, but the beach access is superb. No more long hall over the sand dunes to get to the beach and more importantly, no cars or trucks on the beach. It’s so nice and quiet. There is a very nice boardwalk connecting the houses in this area to the beach. It’s flooded and many of the houses in the neighborhood have quite a bit of standing water. The forecast for Tuesday is more rain. We have all decided that being in town does have some advantages. Like being able to go across the street to the store at a moments notice. And we might stop and have a glass of wine at a wine bar down the street. We have wanted to stop in this particular restaurant since the first time we came out here. And now we have our chance.

Molly is quite have the time of her life and is not missing Clancy one bit. Poor guy. She even got to run off leash last night on the beach. She ran like I have never seen her run before. Today it’s a major effort for her to walk down the stairs she is so tired.

Not much progress on my stitching. I had been planning to sew on the ride down but the movement of the SUV that Lisa has made it very difficult. It’s been a really long time since I tried to sew in a car. I figured it would be just like the train. Nothing like it at all. But here is my progress on Garden of Life. I was hoping to finish a ton while here and I’m finding the lure of the beach much too strong. That this point I think it will be a miracle if I finish one piece! :-) I did manage to finish Violets from Shepherd’s Bush before I left Thursday night.

I had a good August in terms of finishes.


Carol said...

Just adore that shot of your doggie on the pier there - could enter that in a photo contest, it is just so sweet!

Peg said...

Looks like you are having a wondeful time! Beautiful shot of the ocean and Molly.