Thursday, September 14, 2006

A good time was had by all

I had such a good time with Molly at our first agility trial yesterday! And she was a star, just not the kind I was hoping for. ;-) We had two runs, standard and jumps with weaves both in the Novice A 12" category. Our first run was the standard run. I put her in a sit at the start and before I could even move, she was off and running. And off-course before the third obstacle, the teeter. To celebrate her off-course, she did a victory lap. I managed to get her back to me and we completed the teeter and it was onto the shoot. She did ok there and ok onto the dog walk - she was really moving! I could not keep up with her. So she did another victory lap around the course. By this time the crowd was into her victory laps and all I could hear was laughing and clapping and hollering from the crowd. She was such a ham. I did manage to get her back on course for maybe one more jump but she was having such a good time running around we were done. It's called the zoomies in agility and was she ever zooming! LOL! I was laughing so hard it was hard to run with her. In the end we were whistled off the course because time had run out. 106.50 second of pure joy on Molly's part. We received the loudest applause of the day. I received a lot of really nice feedback from several people I respect in agility. They all said she would be a great agility dog and don't do anything to slow her down - just work on our control. Even the judge had a kind word afterwords.

At lunch time, Molly was stung by a bee near on her face (poor baby - she is fine today) so I had to give her a Benedril for the swelling. It was pretty much over for the day at that point. She gets very sleepy whenever I give her that kind of pill and when it was our turn for jumps with weaves she was napping in my arms. I gave it a go but she only completed a couple of jumps half-heartedly so I pulled her off. I don't ever want this not to be fun for her. I have some nice action shots from my friend Peggy who was there with her pug, also named Molly. Peggy's Molly did much better than mine - she almost Q'd in jumps with weaves! But she got off course with only two jumps to go and took off. Peggy could not get her back in time to complete the course. Next time for sure Peggy!

I also have a video from Peggy - I'll upload it after I get a copy. It should be a stitch!

At the end of it all, I'm hooked on agility and sure hope that Molly is enjoying it as much as I am. By the look on her face I think she is. :-) Our next trial is November 18th and 19th.

I managed to work on block 11 of the Village - first time in two weeks! I'm making good progress and I should hit my goal of completing block 11 in September.

Here is my progress with Garden of Life. Since I'm off my schedule, I did order a second Chamomile so I won't be doing any replacing with another color.

Karen V from England asked me if there was much color difference between the WDW Dolphin and the GA Aged Pewter. There is a little more blue in the Dolphin. But because there are two different stitches in the bird, I don't think it's necessary but buy both colors. Karen said she only has the Dolphin and I think it will look just fine with both areas using the same thread. The different textures will make the difference. Here is a close up photo of my bird using both colors.

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KarenV said...

Awww! I'm so glad you and Molly enjoyed the trials - it sounds like she was quite a hit!

Thank you for answering my question and providing the close-up photo - I think I might just go with the Dolphin, it really does look very similar to the Aged Pewter. You're making great progress on your WIPs, they all look lovely :)