Monday, September 18, 2006

Another start or am I crazy or what?

The first part of a sixteen part cross stitch called Marquoir ABC Bleu & Rouge was made available on Saturday. So of course I downloaded it as soon as I got out of bed and started on it later that day. It's another beautiful (free!) project offered by Carinne and Gigi, two of the designers of Quaker à 6 Mains (on my to do list of course). It will be divided into sixteen parts that will be offered over the course of the next 16 months. The design size will be 491 by 665 stitches! Yikes! Here is the link to Carrinne's blog and website with all the details: It's in French but not to hard to figure out and there is a link to a blog which has an English tranlation.

I'm doing mine in blue and red (I could not resist a blue and red piece) using one strand of Needle Necessities Floss Overdyed in 115 - Midnight Skies and 153 Razzle Dazzle Red on my very own hand-dyed linen! The linen started out as 32 count but it did shrink during the dying process - I think it's around a 34-35 count now. I'll measure it at some point to find out for sure. I'm stitching it one over two threads. I do wish the blue was a little more variegated on the light side but I think it will turn out ok. The red is perfect - just what I wanted.

I think this project will replace the French Alphabet Sampler I have on my wish list. I don't have kids and I'm not even married so why do I need a personalized sampler about me with my information on it? And this decision will also save me over $200+ in chart, floss and linen costs not to mention framing costs. And I really like the way the Marquior is looking. I almost finished the first page! Part one came out in two pages. I think this will be my weekend project and I'll continue to work on Village of Hawk Run Hollow in the evenings.

Here is my progress on Garden of Life. I have to admit while I really like this piece it is kinda boring me a bit to stitch. So much counting to get the top portion completed. But I'm a finisher so I'll continue to work on it. Hopefully I'll be done with it this week so I can move onto another project.

The boss is in the office all week so I'll be busy. But then he is gone for two weeks and I'll be bored. I wish there was a middle ground.


Katrina said...

looks great so far Margie, and I'm off now to download the first part two - I had forgotten the release date for it :)

Lelia said...

The red&blue look great. Enjoy all 16 parts

Joanie said...

The marquoir is beautiful and I don't think you are crazy for starting a new project! I down loaded it on Saturday too, I went stash diving tonight to look for suitable fabric to start it.
Your progress on Garden of Life is great too! This pattern didn't hit me right away, seeing your progress has me changing my mind about it.
And I understand totally about your job, mine is feast or famine too!

Nicole said...

Your sampler is looking beautiful! I'm trying to resist starting it! Are you stitching over one or two threads?

Eclecticmk - Margie said...

Hi Nicole - I'm stitching Marquior one over two

Anonymous said...

Your Marquior ABC is beautiful I have downloaded it too. You said that there is a link to translate the site but I'm not sure where it is could you be specific. I'm also not sure what fabris to use for mine. Any suggestions. GB