Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Out of black

I decided to finish block 11 last night while watching TV so I made one last push. And I ran out of black! I only need one more strand. I was so disgruntled that I didn't finish up the last of what I had left. Maybe 30 minutes or so or work. So I can either call a mailorder place and have it by the weekend or drive to the closest cross stitch store which is 30 miles from home. Since I'm working from home today, I will take a long lunch and drive and pick it up. :-) So hopefully I'll be finished today. Oh, darn I have agility tonight. Maybe not after all... It's always something. I have no progress to report on Light Your Way as I fell asleep on the train on the way home yesterday and I didn't take the train this morning. I'm such a slacker.... LOL!

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