Thursday, September 28, 2006

With a gleam in his eye

I'm almost finished with Light Your Way. I worked on it last night while getting caught up on all the TV I've recorded over the last couple of days. Naturally my thoughts go to what I plan on next. I want to do another Trix or Treat design but I think I need a change from straight cross stitch. And that means Winter or Spring Arbor or my last flower folio from Shepherd's Bush - Amaranth. All three are just filled with other stuff and that's what I need right now. Of course a super quick Trix or Treat would be fun because I plan on using some of my own hand-dyed linen. We'll see what happens. I should be ready to start on something new tonight.

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm planning on working from home again. It could get addicting. I love rolling out of bed, grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting down and working. The pugs love it too. Here is a photo of the two of them enjoying the sun while they watched me work. How is that for office buddies.


shortoldlady said...

They are adorable!!! I wouldn't get any work done - I'd be curled up with the dogs!

Lelia said...

Light your Way is charming. Hard to believe October is a few days away. Have fun with your Shep Bush projects ... I have not decided what to work on next.

Darling pugs! I'm sure they like having you around.