Thursday, September 04, 2008

another one down

Thanks so much for all your kinds words regarding my Sampler of Stitches finis! Several new people posted and I have added you all to my Google Reader. :-)
I finished up the top band today on the way into work and I even got started on the center block - the last block! I should be able to finish this up by the end of the weekend. I really want to start working on something new but I have to finish this first. I've been in a mini-slump the past week so it's import to put this piece to bed. Then I can move on without feeling like I've left this behind.

I'm all set to go with the two most current Loose Feathers and the mystery but a much bigger project has been screaming at me. :-)

Through my participation on the Vikki Clayton message board, I found a women who's husband handcrafts the casket that goes with the Quaker Casket from Sampler Cove Designs. Several months ago I found the chart on eBay and I've just been waiting to save enough cash for the casket. Well I received a nice bonus from work and the first thing on my list was the casket. So a couple of weeks ago I made the arrangements for it and it's currently in the process of being created. :-) I can hardly stand it. I hope to have it in a month or so. I have also found the Quaker Huswife chart that Diane created to go along with the Casket design. I'm using Lakeside Linens 36 count Maple Sugar and I purchased a fat half yard. I'll need to purchase some 32 count also I'm thinking.

For floss I ordered 100 yards (two spools) of Magpie Warbles from Hand-dyed Fibers.

The plan is to make as many Quaker small stitching accessories as I can fit into the casket using the Maple Sugar linen and the Magpie Warbles. I'm so excited to get going on this project. It's going to be a blast to put together.


Lelia said...

Your project is fantastic! Excellent stitching : )

Teejay said...

Your progress on this piece is awesome!

Barbara said...

You've chosen GORGEOUS colors for your casket project!!

Lucy said...

Wow...lucky you on the casket find!!!

J Rae said...

Your project is really coming along great. Can't wait to see the finished thing.

Like your thread and fabric choice for your new pattern.

Your Sampler of Stitches is beautiful! Great job! :-)

Carol R said...

I have the chart but I need a casket. Can you put me in touch with the supplier please? I like your colour choices.

Michelle said...

Oh you lucky girl! I am so envious of your casket!!! I love the color choices you've made too!