Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Not a whole lot finished

I haven't been stitching much over the past couple of days. But I am making some progress on Delivering Spring. I have to push a bit now because the graduation party starts at 3:00pm on Saturday. :-) I should be ok. I'll plan on stitching tonight at home.

Molly has to go to the vet today (it always seems to be Molly). Last night before I went to agility, Molly came in from outside with blood all over one of her back feet. She had an abscess break! I didn't even notice the bump. :-( Poor baby - I can tell it really hurts her. She'll need ten days of antibiotics and lots of TLC.


Anonymous said...

Poor Molly! Hope she's feeling better soon. Thomas had an abscess on his back a couple of months ago, due to a bite from another cat (not Maisie, we don't think). It burst just after we noticed it - ick!!!

Kathy said...

Poor Molly. Has an has to go to the vet. What a doublw whammy. My dog likes to go for ride, but when we get to the vet she is ready to keep on riding. As fast as you stitch you should not have any trouble getting your project done. Good Luck.

Itching To Stitch said...

Your stitching looks nice. Sorry about Molly's leg, hope it heals quickly ;)