Tuesday, August 28, 2007

zipping along

The first two rows are all stitched up on Alpha Birds and today I'll start on the largest of the three rows. It's the band with all the birds. I really need to start to think hard on what I want to do with the fourth row of each of the three charts. Since this series of three was designed to be stitched separate, the fourth band on each design is a personalization row. Name, date etc.

I can't decide on whether to leave two off, only personalizing the last row of the third piece or leave them all on stitching something different in each of the three. Right now I'm leaning toward stitching in all three and maybe having a three part saying or maybe something like wrought by me, my name and then the date on the last row. Or maybe even include the town I'm from.

Any ideas? :-) I'm pretty sure I want to stitch the bands in. But what to say?


Itching To Stitch said...

Boy, you are zipping along. It looks great ;)

samplerknn said...

It is lovely! DOn't you love stitching letters....


Lavender Rose said...

I love your idea about personalizing this in some way. We forget to do that as stitchers, and I think it would be just great if you would. This is stitched so beautifully!
Deb in FL