Monday, July 30, 2007

Celtic Heart finis

Celtic Heart by M Designs
two over two
Silkweavers 32 count French Vanilla Swirl
DMC Variegated Floss - 4065

I finished up my Celtic Heart yesterday. I'm happy with it although the colors are light and unless you look very closely, much of the design is lost to the casual eye. I plan on doing one more for sure, the letter M, and I'll make sure I pick a more contrasting combination of floss and linen.

I had to go to Hobby Lobby on Friday evening. I was planning on buying a fat half yard of Natural Brown linen for my Sheepish Designs alphabet sampler that I wanted to start next - they still sell the packages of big pieces there. Or at least they did. I was very distressed to find when I got there that Hobby Lobby is continuing the destruction of the cross stitch section. They no longer carry most of the colors of Wichelt linen they used to, just cream and white. But the trip was not all lost because in the super clearance section, I found the below five packages of linen left - all for $5.11 and all fat halfs. 28 count Natural Brown, Sandstone and Ivory and in 32 count Twilight Blue and Latte. I bought all they had. It was five packages for the price of one. How could I resist? I don't use much un-variegated linen and hardly ever use 28 count but I'll have it if I need it and in nice neutral colors. Just perfect for ornaments. And I can always over-dye them myself if I really want to.

For my train ride this week, I'm stitching Delivering Spring by Homespun Elegance. I'm planning on giving it to my niece for her college graduation party this weekend. Last Christmas she was the one who ended up with my Secret Santa gift, Delivering Winter. She really liked it and all but begged me to make the other three seasons for her. She is one of my favorites so how could I not? For a college graduation I should make her all three or even something really spectacular but she wanted this and it is the only one I have time for right now. I'll look for the other two charts and surprise her during the next year so the celebration will last all year. :-)


Lady Val said...

Your Celtic Heart is lovely! Congratulations on the finish. I hate how Hobby Lobby has gotten rid of so much of their cross stitch supplies. They are still better than Michael's, but not by much.

Kathy said...

The heart is gorgeous. You are sure a fast stitcher. I did the letter "v" and it seemed take forever. It was a real tone on tone and got really hard to see, but looke very elegant. I really like them when they are subtle like yours.

Almost all mass merchandisers like Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's and Michaels have eliminated their counted cross stitch sections. Probably because it did not make them enough money. That is why it is so hard for LNSs have so much trouble staying in business. It is a tough market with a limited target for customers.

Michelle said...

I know, it is so disheartening to see cross-stitch going away in a lot of the stores. Great fabrics you managed to pick up though! Your Celtic Heart is beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Congrats on your finish, it's a pretty piece.
We have no big stores over here that stock anything cross-stitch. I have to order everything online

Itching To Stitch said...

Congrats on Celtic Heart, it looks beautiful. Love your stash and your new start ;)

June said...

Celtic Heart is beautiful - well done! I like the variegated look.

Your new start is looking good! :)

Lavender Rose said...

Celtic Heart really is so pretty. The colors look mossy and ancient. Love them. Please don't be sad about stitching being so rare in shops...there are still enough of us around to keep it alive. We'll still be able to find new things networking among ourselves!! I drive nearly 2 hrs. away for my LNS. :(

Sharon said...

Your Celtic heart is gorgeous!

Mindi said...

Congratulations on the Celtic Heart finish, I think it looks lovely. You picked up quite a bargain at Hobby Lobby!