Wednesday, August 29, 2007

cool new tool

I received an email from DMC Corp this morning talking about a new tool they have online. It turns your digital photos into cross stitch charts. While I'm not a huge fan this sort of lifelike stitching designs, there might be a point when I would want to incorporate one of my pugs into a design. I already have ideas of using digital photo software that can turn photos into other things using special effects. I'd love a cartoon-like picture of my pugs. I then could use this site to turn it into a chart. :-) Pretty cool huh?

This is a picture of the cross stitch I generated from one of my favorite photos of Miss Molly. It uses 33 different DMC colors - you can select from three different levels of thread amounts - this picture is the highest level. There is a fee of course but you can preview your chart/photo before spending the money. Prices start at 6.00 EU and $7.50 US Dollar.

Here is the link to the Amelie Paris site. And a link to the DMC-USA site which has some other details.

No progress photo today of Alpha Birds - I forgot my camera! But in any case I didn't have much to show - I napped on the train home last night and barely put in a stitch last night.


Itching To Stitch said...

Miss Molly is quite cute. I've seen other people use that type of software, have never used it myself though ;)

Nicole said...

That is really cute!! That would be a great picture to stitch! :)