Monday, August 20, 2007

Summer Arbor Finis and more!

Summer Arbor - The Drawn Thread
32 Count Antique Tan Wichelt Linen
using recommended NPI and Gloriana silk thread and beads

It was quite the finishing weekend! I finished stitching up Summer Arbor on Friday night. This completes the series of all four seasons. I love them all and I'm now on the search for the matching mats. On Saturday I participated on the Focus on Finishing Pin Keep class. I used my finish from last week, Joy of My Heart as the basis. It was a great class and even though I've done a pin keep in the past, I learned a few new things and this is definitely the best I've done so far. I'm still working on how/where I put my bow but the photo shows it on the side with some beads that came with the kit.

On Sunday, and I mean all day Sunday, I finished my dog bed! :-) Of course there wasn't much else to do as we got over four inches of rain on Saturday and Sunday!

Who knew that when I start this two years ago that I would take so long and I would spend so much money. But the results are worth it I think. And the pugs are very happy and that is all that counts. It's big but I wanted it to be large enough for three pugs to use it a once. I'm hoping there is a new pug puppy in my future. :-) It's two pieces, the zippered cover which is the quilted section and a down/feather insert. I quilted the sides and back also in a simple grid pattern and I made the zipper placket wide so I can flip the bed over so the pugs can use that side also without rubbing on the zipper. Now I just need to get my matching quilt quilted! :-)

Dog Bed - based on a quilt pattern from Miss Rosie's
Fabric - Chocolat from 3 Sisters by Moda
Machine Quilted using 100% wool batting
Stuffed with a feather/down pillow
After all that I did find time to start a new stitching project - the Wool Whimsy Barnard Quartet from Heart in Hand. The four in the series were sold as kits and packaged separately. I purchased them all at half price and I'm stitching them all on the same piece of linen. I started off with the sheep and I'll be finished with the first of four by the time I get home from work tonight. This will also be my train project for the week. I'm not sure if I will stitch all four right away, I might just do one or two and do something else and then pick it up again in a couple of weeks. This is from my "waiting in the wings" list. I'm really moving along with that. I'm moving along with it so well, soon I'll be able to start planning what I want to buy next.


Kathy said...

Love everything you do. Those dogs are so cute. I am still amazed at how fast you stitch, but as you explained you have plenty of train time to do it. Great job on everything.

Itching To Stitch said...

Those Arbors by Drawn Thread are soooo pretty. Congrats on the finish ;)

Katrina said...

Congrats on the finishes. Love the dog bed too.

Lavender Rose said...

My goodness, what alot of beautiful things! Your arbors are just wonderful. I know you love them, and so you should! I can't tell you how much I love your quilted pug bed! It's so darling! You really made a special thing for them, and a beautiful piece for your home. All of your stitching choices are perfect!

Michelle said...

You've been busy! Your seasonal arbors look beautiful - they will be so pretty matted and framed. Congrats on the finish. I love the dog bed (and it really looks good against the pugs). Beautiful! We took the train into the city when we were in Philadelphia, and I could definitely get used to that (I would get so much done!). As it is though, I drive in to work.

Jacque said...

Margie, I covet the dogs' bed! is gorgeous!!!!!! Faith and Shania would be in heaven at your mine..they make due on the couch! : )

Great work!!!!

Melissa said...

I love, love, love your dog bed!! What lucky dogs! It looks great.

Robin said...

Those arbors are so gorgeous! And I love the doggie bed. Judging from the smiles on their faces the pups do too!

Mindi said...

All of your arbors are gorgeous, but the summer one is my favorite. Your pinkeep turned out fantastic, I still haven't made mine yet. :(

The pugs sure look like they're enjoying the bed, good luck with the new puppy.