Wednesday, July 02, 2008

caught up with Ink Circles

Two weeks ago when I started back on this I had no idea I would continue until the two parts I was behind on plus the outline and filling would be completed this go around. But it was easy to just keep tossing it into my bag before I left for work each day and to work on it when I had time at home. And I'm glad I did. Now I'll cross my fingers and hope that my counting is correct for the entire outline because if it's not, I doubt I will fix it. :-) I'm way to lazy for that and I don't think I would ever restart a piece such as this one. Especially since I'm not really sure at this point how much I like it. But in any case, it's all down hill from here. Each of the remaining blocks is around a couple of hours stitching a piece and since they come out every three weeks, I'm sure I'll keep up at this point and complete the piece. And if I don't LOVE the piece when it's finished, I can sew it up as a wall hanging with fabric I have on hand so it won't cost me any more money.

I'm off work until July 14th and I have quite a list of things I want to work on during this time as well as a huge list of things I want to do outside in the yard.


  • Part 5 - Papillion Mystery
  • Part 6 - Papillion Mystery
  • Work on Medallions by Rosewood Manor (half way finished now)
  • VWX - Sampler of Stitches from the Drawn Thread
  • Stitch Gilded Dragon Fly by Just Nan
  • Dye linen for Randenlap Celtic by Marion Freijzer
  • Stitch and finish Barnabee's Bride Bella

WOW! Quite a list for sure. :-) I doubt if I get to half of it but it's nice to have a plan.,

As for the yard I have a ton to do, trim shrubs, mulch the veggie garden, re-side the shed.... the list goes on and on.

Those of you in the USA, have a safe and happy Fourth of July! And everyone else, just enjoy. :-)

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Barbara said...

Wow, Margie! Your Ink Circles mystery looks incredible!! Remind me what color scheme you're going with, please.