Thursday, July 10, 2008

VWX finis

I finished up VWX of Sampler of Stitches from The Drawn Thread last night. I had to make a quick run to my LNS for a skein of dark blue as I ran out on Tuesday. So far that is the only second skein of a color I have had to buy for this piece and judging by how much I have left of the other colors and the fact that there is only one part to go, I'm sure I will have enough of all the others to make it for the entire project. While I was at the store, I picked up all the charms I needed and added them last night - they are so cute!
Of course while I was shopping I could not resist checking out the linens they had in stock and I found this piece of Colorscapes called Fresca. I took a picture of it but what you can't really see in the photo is the subtle hint of teal or aqua in the piece. It's perfect for what I had in mind for Randenlap Celtic. Here is the linen (I bought a fat half and I only need the upper left hand corner where most of the color variation is):
Here is Randenlap Celtic chart:
And here are the two colors I was thinking of using. Both are HDF from Vikki Clayton.

I have had spool requests with Vikki on the spool board for about a month now for both of these but didn't even get one additional request and you have to have five before Vikki will dye the batch for you. So yesterday I emailed her and asked if she had any extra from previous requests and she did! So she is sending one spool of premium in the bottom color and two spools of 6 strand regular of the top color. I have my fingers crossed that one of these will work. :-)
I also told myself that if the shop had the thread kit for the Just Nan Glided Dragonfly I would purchase it, but alas, she was out. After really thinking hard on it, I want to do the kit with the green Gilt Sylke Twist. It looks gorgeous and I bet it really makes the piece. So I went online and purchased a spool of it for $20.00. Once it arrives I'll finish the conversion to DMC so it all matches. I spent an hour or so on it Tuesday night and so far I'm happy with how it looks. Of course the green DMC colors will depend on the shade of Gilt Sylke Twist so I'll have to wait for that.


Barbara said...

I want to just crawl right into that silk!!!

Maria said...

Hello! Your works are great and wonderfull!

Kathy said...

That Drawn Thread piece is stunning.

That Celtic project is going to be gorgeous. Be interested to know how you like the Colorscapes fabric.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous fabrics and threads you've chosen for the piece (regardless of which thread you use!). The Drawn Thread piece is so beautiful. I didn't realize it had charms on it.