Monday, June 30, 2008

done with the outline!

I finished up the outline to Book of Ink Circles yesterday and now I've moved onto filling it all in. :-) It seems like it just takes forever but it's really easy to do because you don't have to look at a chart to do it. I'm not sure if I want to finish all the filling in right now. But the next installment comes out next Tuesday and I had kinda planned on part 1 being finished by the time part 6 came out. We'll see, maybe I should just continue on until I'm bored out of my mind which might be any day.

Today is the last day I'll be in the office for two weeks! Yeah! I'm working from home tomorrow and Wednesday and then I'm on vacation until July 14th. I have not real plans except to hang out and enjoy the sun and pugs. :-) A perfect vacation.


Carol R said...

Love your new look!

Katrina said...

Sounds like a great vacation to me, have fun!