Monday, July 21, 2008

Clancy is a rock star

Here is my progress on Rites of Spring. I actually had a ton more done but last night I discovered a counting error at where I started the vining circle and of course I was finished with it and the whole thing had to come out. And I find that once I do so much frogging, I don't want to stitch anymore so no stitching last night.

As for Clancy, after months of struggling with the weave poles at agility trials, this past weekend, he gave me five out of six in perfect form. There were a few other mishaps on each run so no qualifying scores, but I think we are on our way to getting everything worked out. :-) Yeah for Clancy!

I leave you today with a photo of what I see when I leave the house for work every day. It's Clancy and Aoife saying good-bye. They don't leave the window until I pull out of the driveway. Where is Molly you ask? She goes right back to bed and doesn't bother watching me go. ;-)


Barbara said...

Congratulations, Clancy!! :D

Sharon said...

Congrats to Clancy! They look so sweet watching mommy go to work!

Sandra said...

You must feel awful leaving them go to work, especially as they look so wistfully at you. Sorry about the nasty frogs.

Karoline said...

Congratulations to Clancy. Sorry to hear about the frogs

Kathy said...

Way to go Clancy!!!

Don't you just hate to leave them when they are watching you go? Molly has the right idea. Go back to bed and forget that she is leaving us again. LOL!!!