Monday, July 07, 2008

check two off my list

I managed to get current with the Papillion Creations Mystery. I even put the beads in since I moved it from Q-snaps to a scroll frame. This project is half way finished! I'm using HDF from Vikki Clayton in Old Maid of the Forest, Winterberry 1427, Jewelweed 3163, Koi Gold 4213, Winterberry 1421, and Magpie Tears 2345 on a 32 count Silkweavers who's name I can't remember. :-)

I have been so busy in the backyard. It's a real shame though that after 30 hours or so of really hard work, the only people that can see most of the improvements/changes I've made is my parents and I. :-) I've been moving plants, taking out old fallow veggie beds, planting grass seed, and adding plants to my perennial flower beds. I spent an entire day cleaning around the shed in preparation for re-siding it. That involved splitting wood and hauling it to the front of the house where we store it in the wood bin, clearing away years and years of old tossed wood, raking up years and years of debris and generally picking up. Somehow I manged to find a piece of Poison Ivy and have blisters up and down my arm - as soon as I finish this, I'm off to the pharmacy to pick up stuff to make it better. And I still have hours and hours of work left but for the next two days the forecast is for storms and rain.

But I can use the break. Maybe I should start on one of the two baby quilts I'll need to give out any day. ;-) My niece is due to ave her baby any day and my nephew's girlfriend is due next month.

I have a couple of outstanding questions from older posts. For my Ink Circles Book of Mystery I'm using HDF from Vikki Clayton in Mahogany, Magpie Tears, Magpie Warbles, Sea Silk, Black, Old Maid of the Heart, Old Maid of the Vineyard, Old Maid of the Forest.

And Jackie you win! Aoife is pronounced with a hard E like Eva or evening. :-)


Jackie in UK said...

Hurrah - I love to be right!! LOL

Your mystery is looking good!

Jackie x

Barb said...

That is so pretty. Great job on it!